Thank you for downloading the first 9 pages of TRUMP TRAIN! You’re obviously a good America loving patriot, a fan of President Trump, or believe in the MAGA movement and what it stands for. Me too.

When you read this there’s a few things to know:

  1. This is a conservative comedy. The topics in this movie are serious, but the approach taken in this screenplay should make you laugh - and most especially, if you ‘visualize’ what the movie may look like when reading the scenes.
  2. The *characters are named after “big” actors/actresses who, in real life, are (mostly) conservative themselves and support President Trump or the MAGA movement (*disclaimer: none are in any way attached to this currently). Would I like them to play the roles in the movie? Absolutely! Below is a list of the main characters, and really, if you know their names and seen their work, you should read their scenes ‘in their voice’.

Randy - Randy Quaid - Main Character
Roseanne - Roseanne - Main Character
Scott - Scott Baio - Main Character
Ricky - Ricky Schroder - Main Character
James - James Woods - Main Character
Rob - Rob Schneider - Main Character
Kevin - Kevin Sorbo - Main Character
Kristie - Kristie Swanson - Main Character
Dean - Dean Cain - Main Character
Kid Rock - Playing himself
Chuck Woolery - Playing himself

I still hope to make this movie for you - and with the support of people like you, I may be getting closer each and every day. Ask your friends to get their own copy, because they can’t have yours.

Thank you again, Paul

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When you finish reading these first 9 pages you may want to know, "I wonder what happens next?" - STAY TUNED!

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