The Conservative audience has a lot of conservative documentaries, conservative dramas, conservative comedy specials, and Christian movies, but where are the conservative comedy movies? You have one now! From the open border to COVID to crime to the latest LGBTQIA+ assault on children and more, this film deals with serious topics in a fun and humorous way. Comedy isn't cancelled in conservatism! And it's about time we have a comedy movie that reflects our values!

Synopsis: Scott and Ricky, two best friends since high school and co-founders of a technology firm in San Francisco, are under pressure from all sides: local groups trying to censor the free speech rights of their customers, the homeless and drug addicts on the streets, and even their own employees. They have to leave and find a new corporate headquarters. But where will they go? And who will they meet along the way?

"So funny and heartwarming!"

"Surprisingly entertaining!"

"FINALLY! A Conservative Comedy!"

"The story is delightful!"

"Woke people will hate this!"

"Proudly American!"

WGAW Registered.


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